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Hartford Healthcare's Email Encryption System

As you are well aware, email sent across the Internet is in “clear text”, without any kind of encryption, meaning that it can be read by anyone. It is quite possible that someone sitting in a coffee shop with a wireless laptop could read your email as it goes out to the Internet.

Because of this lack of security with Internet email, it is against Hartford Healthcare policies, as well as many laws (such as HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to transmit sensitive or private information (e.g., patient-related, financial, contractual, etc) via Internet email without encryption.

However, we recognize that it happens anyway, usually unintentionally. Therefore we have implemented a Cisco Corporation email encryption system. This server reviews all Internet-bound email, checking for content that we believe violates our policies and/or the law. If such content is found it quarantines the email on a web server, sending to the recipient only a notification of pending email. Recipients must select that link, create an account on the server if necessary, and read the email using an encrypted web browser session.

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When a recipient receives an encrypted e-mail from HHC, one of two things will happen. 

1)      Depending on their type of e-mail system and the configuration of it the e-mail may be delivered directly to them like any other e-mail.

2)      They may receive a notification that there is an encrypted e-mail waiting for them in the HHC secure portal:

The notification e-mail will look much like the sample e-mail below. It gives instructions for downloading the secure attachment and using it to access the e-mail through the portal.

The picture below shows what the secure portal login page looks like.


If you receive a password-protected Registered Envelope and you have not registered with the service, click the Register button. If the Register button is not displayed, leave the password field empty, and click the Open button to begin the registration process. For more information about opening a Registered Envelope for the first time, see the Cisco Registered Envelope Recipient Guide.

This will only need to be done once.

The first time user will then need to go back to their e-mail account to finish the registration process as indicated in the screen shot below.

The screen shot below shows the confirmation e-mail a new user will receive after setting up their account.  Follow the instructions to complete the activation process.

You may now log in with the password you just created to pick up your secure mail.


Following are some FAQs on our system:


Can you tell me/change my password?

No, we cannot. We have no access nor any control over your password. Please use the "Forgot Password?" link to reset your password.

File Attachments

I sent some attachments to my contact on the Internet which contained confidential information. Our email system sent the files as Secure Mail to my contact. My customer tried to forward the attachments from Secure Mail to her inbox but that option is not available. How does my customer release the attachments from our Secure Mail to her inbox?

They cannot forward those items (or any other items) to any other external email systems. They can only use the web-based system to read, reply, and/or download the files.

Tech Support

Do you offer any tech support for this system?

We do not offer any tech support to the general public. The system is fairly straightforward and easy to use, just like any commercial web-based email such as Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, etc. Hartford Hospital and Cisco will maintain the back-end systems to ensure they’re always available, but if you have any difficulties with your PC, browser, or Internet access you’ll need to contact your own I.T. department for support.


If I need to send confidential email to one of your users, can I use this web-based interface?

Yes! This web portal, when accessed via an encrypted browser session (look for the “lock” icon on the bottom-right corner of your browser) ensures security and encryption when sending email to us. If you already have an email account on our system simply log into that account and create and send your email; if you do not have an account yet you can create one by visiting the following link and following the easy-to-use directions:


Once that account is created you can use it to compose and send email to us securely.

Encrypted Connections

My I.T. department is wondering how we can config our systems together to that there's no need for this web interface; we'd like to get these emails directly to our system.

The Cisco Registered Envelope Service supports TLS encryption. Ask your I.T. department to implement TLS on their email server(s) and emails will be seamlessly transferred, encrypted, between our organizations.




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